Walter Laqueur

Born Breslau (Germany at the time) May 26,1921
Primary and Secondary education Breslau, Graduated Johannes Gymnasium
February 1938. Left Germany November 1938.
Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1938/9. Joined Kibbutz , agricultural laborer
1939-1944. Moved to Jerusalem, worked as a journalist 1944-1953, covered Palestine and, for several years, other Middle Eastern countries.
London from 1955. Editor SURVEY. 1955-1964.
Director Wiener Library 1964- 1993. Founder and and Editor (with George Mosse) of Journal of Contemporary History.(retired from from Journal 2005)
Visiting professor Johns Hopkins (1957). University of Chicago, Fellow Harvard Russian Research Center and Middle East Research Center. Visiting professor Harvard (1976/7). Two Guggenheim fellowships.
Professor (History of Ideas) Brandeis University 1967-1971. Appointed member, later chairman International Research Council,CSIS Washington 1969-2001. Founder Washington Papers and Washington Quarterly
Frequent travels to Soviet Union, Eastern and Western Europe. West Africa.
Visiting professor (History) Tel Aviv University (1972-1982)
University Professor Georgetown University (1980-1991)
Several honorary doctorates. Various literary awards. Festschrifr on the occasion of his 70th birthday: “The impact of Western Nationalisms”
An extensive list of publications, books and articles in “Walter Laqueur, a bibliography of his work” published by CSIS May 1986 ISBN-0-87840-443-0.
Married Naomi (Barbara nee Koch) 1941 (d. 1995). Two daughters, four grandchildren, two great grandchildren. Married 1996 Christa Wichmann (nee Gentzen)
Further biographical details: ”Thursday's Child has far to go” (autobiography}New York 1992. Joyce Nakamura, “Contemporary Authors”, autobiography series. Vol. 19, pp. 207-227, Detroit, 1994.
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